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Showcase Information

Postby SGMonkey » Sun Jun 15, 2014 6:45 am

Writing this post just to give an idea about what's happening, what's needed and whatnot.

Current Situation
Obviously at the minute the mod is in very early stages. Most of the work required right now is lore and asset work.
That said, it would still be nice to get interested members on board.

Showcase Requirements
General things to avoid for interior and exterior showcases.
Gridsnap. It's generally better to avoid using gridsnap for anything other than interior shells. Buildings aren't all lined up perfectly and rotated exactly 45 or 90 degrees. You have to use a bit of common sense with this. Obviously a door needs to line up with the door frame and wall. But a table or chair can be rotated ever so slightly to prevent everything looking so regimented.
Object Placement. Make sure when placing objects in the world that they either sink into whatever is below them or sit just on the surface. Use some common sense. A tree or a rock is perfectly fine to sink through the ground or another rock or whatever. Whereas a plate shouldn't sink through a table. Pretty obvious.
Mixing Styles. The actual styles of the High Rock mod aren't 100% as of yet obviously. But all you should be aware of is objects that belong to a certain class or group of people. A poor house filled with expensive furniture and cutlery for example, just wouldn't make sense.
Dependencies. Please make sure that your showcase isn't dependant on anything other than Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon.
Dirty References. It's important to show you are capable of cleaning out dirty references from mods. If you want to upload both a dirty and a cleaned version of your showcase you are more than welcome.

If you are interested in eventually doing exterior work when the time comes you are welcome to submit an exterior showcase. An exterior showcase should be a fairly decent size, roughly 9 cells or so is fine. The reference count isnt important, so long as the area looks natural and flows well. You shouldn't be aiming for a particular reference count. A great exterior doesn't have a set number of references.

When showcasing an interior its important to be original. Copy and pasting an interior and calling it your own wont be accepted. However, copying parts of interiors from vanilla interiors and rearranging them is fine. If they are all of the same style its not important, its no different from grabbing those same bunch of models from the object browser and placing them in the same way.
Make sure you modify the default interior settings, such as the light, fog and whether you can sleep there legally or not.
If you are creating an exterior along with the interior showcase, be sure to add a north marker and correctly rotate it.
Its also important to state the usage or occupant of the interior you are showcasing. Not necessary, but it helps to get an idea of what you were going for and how well you pulled it off.

***To be updated***

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