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Daggerfall General

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A History of Daggerfall

http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:A_History_of_Daggerfall wrote:Daggerfall thrived during the years of the Skyrim occupancy. When the Wild Hunt killed King Borgas of Winterhold in 1E 369, the northlands engaged in the War of Succession and Skyrim, greatly weakened, lost her holdings in High Rock and Morrowind. The Iliac Bay had become important strategically, and Daggerfall began to expand her military.

High military presence. Daggerfall is also said to have a navy fleet.

http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:A_History_of_Daggerfall wrote:There were multiple opportunities for her to exercise this army and navy during the Direnni conflicts with the force of the Alessian Reform. The Dirennis were native Bretons, and Bretons are hardly ever given to excessive religion. Daggerfall became a minor base of operations for the Dirennis and their allies. Raven Direnni, the enchantress whose magic helped secure the final victory over the Alessians in the Glenumbria Moors, was one of the earliest occupants of Castle Daggerfall.

Castle Daggerfall. Near the north wall. Major Road leads all the way from the castle's entrance to the south-wall of the city

Knights of the Dragon Garrison. The city houses two garrisons. One garrison is located southwest of the castle and the other is located to the castle's southeast.

Market. Southwest of the castle.

Temple of Kynareth. Located west of the market.

Fighters Guild. Located directly north of the Temple of Kynareth.

Mages Guild. Located in the southwestern part of the city.

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