Witches, Covens and Bedlams

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Witches, Covens and Bedlams

Postby Wollibeebee » Fri May 10, 2013 10:54 am

Witch Covens, the community hubs for witches. Each coven is lead by a Bedlam, a lead witch. Some covens are found near towns; these are the more "commercial" covens, offering servicesto the local villagers. The covens are of course responsible for many of the problems they are payed to fix.

Then there's the more solitary covens, the ones just for witches, or those that are truly seeking the aid of witches. The more important, powerful witches are in these much rare covens, and although their services are much greater, the covens themselves are much, much harder to find.

I'd suggest that every 2nd town has a nearby coven, excluding the Iliac bay, which I'd imagine is too public, and therefore hazardous.

Also, how do people feel about the witch faction only being join-able if you are a female? It would be a bit more lore correct, and add a nice uniqueness to the faction. Perhaps there can be another male only faction, such as a joinable branch of the Witchmen of the Reach?

Here's a list of old Covens from Daggerfall, some of them can probably be ignored seeing as some are located in places we won't be including due to the world-space size.
The Beldama
The Beldama Coven
Location – Daenia, North Central, south of Greenham Manor, north and slightly east of the Old Masterhouse Shack
Description – This coven is inside a mound, with two spear wielding female guards outside it. Inside is the beldam surrounded by a Circle of Dancers; same layout as the Coven of the Dust and the Glenmorial Coven.

The Daggerfall Witches
The Daggerfall Coven
Location – Shalgora, on the west border with Daggerfall, south and slightly west of Woodham Manor.
Description – Within a Ruined Tower, it consists of the beldam accompanied by a single Dancer.
Notes – This coven is not actually in Daggerfall, but the neighboring kingdom of Shalgora shortly beyond the border.

The Daughters of Wroth
The Wroth Coven
Location – Wrothgarian Mountains, southeast edge, due east of Deerville
Description – A circle of spear wielding women in a field of rubble. The beldam stands in the center of the circle.

The Glenmoril Witches
The Glenmorial Coven
Location – Ilessan Hills, East Central, north and slightly west of Old Chrystausa's Place.
Description – Same layout as the Beldama Coven and the Coven of the Dust.
Notes – Sometimes called Glenmoril Coven (no "a"), although the map says its name is Glenmorial Coven. All covens inside cities seem to be affiliated with it: they can summon Hircine and they offer the standard coven quests, upon completion of which you earn reputation with the Glenmorial Coven.

The Sisters of The Bluff
The Coven on The Bluff
Location – Daggerfall, northwest from The Ashford Graveyard and south of "Burning Martyr of Kynareth" on the west coast of Daggerfall.
Description – This coven consists simply of the beldam standing beside an altar - no followers.

The Skeffington Witches
The Skeffington Coven
Location – Phrygias, south central region near the border, due west of Old Barbyn's Farm.
Description – Inside a a circle of stones; the beldam stands next to four dancers.

The Tamarilyn Witches
The Tamarylin Coven
Location – Menevia, west of Whiteflower Garden and Lysandus' Tomb.
Description – A circle of seven dancing girls on a clearing, and in the center of the circle is the beldam

The Witches of Alcaire
The Alcaire Coven
Location – Alcaire, northwest near border, southeast of Ashsmith Plantation.
Description – The beldam stands alone within a circle of shrubs on a clearing.

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